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Why Should You Get into Waste Management?

Waste management professionals bear a serious responsibility and must be willing to get their hands dirty to keep the UK clean and tidy. Granted, it is not the most glamorous occupation, and certainly not an easy or relaxing employment, but it is vital to the environment.

Furthermore, a graduate’s position in this line of work can actually be a very lucrative job, for instance you only have to look at the wide range of recycling and waste management jobs advertised by Red Kite Waste and other recruiters to see the career opportunities on offer. So, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from the work of a waste management professional.

Hazardous Waste

Why is waste management important? What does it involve?

Many tonnes of garbage are produced in the UK each day and without a cutting-edge waste management system this massive amount of waste could be a serious hazard to health and the environment. The good news is that there is Government and dedicated businesses planning, organising and disposing of this waste in a clean and efficient manner.

Those that work in waste management have an especially difficult task, but a truly fulfilling career that makes a massive difference to the entire country. Basically, the task is all about coming up with new and improved waste management practices that reduce the impact that waste produced by human activities can have on the environment.

Depending on your capacity, you might be involved in a program to increase awareness of the need to recycle. Or, you may be involved in the scheduling of collectors who empty wheelie bins and carry black bags away.

No special qualifications are needed to work as one of the refuse collectors who do the actual hard-work of collecting and transporting trash to the appropriate recycling plants or waste deposit sites. But if you hope to be higher up in the chains of command where decisions are made and efforts coordinated, you will need some degree in an associated field of study.

For example, waste management, environmental management or even biology. But even this is not 100% mandatory, you can also get yourself a good position if you bag yourself an HND related to waste management.

Earning Potential in Waste Management

Personal development is essential to your capacity to earn a better wage in the waste management sector. One thing you will want to do is to become a member of the CIWM with the intent to become chartered. This doesn’t have a requirement for a degree or some sort of post management degree in some waste management related study. Then there is an option for those who lack the certification but have done the time and have experience.

The ultimate goal is to become chartered, which is essentially a verification process that demonstrates your skills and competence. After being a member of the CIWM for at least 6 months and attending the various workshops and studies made available, an interview will be done to ascertain your understanding of the industry. A chartered member of the CIWM is going to receive considerable preference in the employer selection process.



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