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The Benefits of Plastic Recycling

Protecting the environment is something that can really make a difference in many ways and will become even more important as more information emerges regarding the long-term damage plastic waste can cause both to the environment and human health. An emotive issue is how plastic is affecting the oceans and marine life. In May 2019 a research submarine found a plastic bag inside the Mariana Trench at a depth of 36,000 feet or nearly 11,000 meters.

The Role of Plastic Recycling Companies

These types of companies work diligently to help other people with their plastic recycling. They are professionals that are experts at what they do and often advise Government at a local and national level. Investment in technology by these companies is also fuelling advances in recycling meaning more types of plastic can be recycled which will only continue over time. The net result of all this benefits the “green” economy through increased numbers of plastic recycling jobs on offer from specialised recruiters such as Red Kite Waste.

The End of Dumping Plastic Waste on Other Countries

Headlines in the newspapers and television documentaries produced in the last few years have highlighted an issue whereby plastic waste exported overseas to mostly developing countries is not being reprocessed adequately and instead polluting the local environment. It is the case that some of these developing countries are either banning imports or shipping back the waste to the country of origin. This situation will only drive further investment in plastic waste recycling in the United Kingdom.

Reused Plastic

When plastic is recycled, it is able to be reused in several different ways. Plastic is something that can be used in the manufacture of new products meaning the demand for new materials is reduced which helps with carbon footprint. It is also the case that increased plastic recycling helps to reduce landfill sites being overwhelmed which is vital given most plastics take many years or even hundreds of years to decompose depending on the type.

Collective Responsibility

There is an argument that plastic recycling fosters individual and collective reasonability. People that recycle feel more confident and better about themselves. They know that they are doing their part in protecting the environment and keeping it better for people and wildlife. It’s something that they can feel proud of in many ways and they are able to this in a very simple way.

Single Use Plastic

Our understanding of recycled plastic and even the types of plastic is getting much better, however, it is fair to say that plastic recycling is not the only answer to dealing with this type of waste. Again, newspaper headlines and campaigns in 2019 have only served to highlight the issue of the amount of plastic being thrown away in addition to types of plastic which take a lot longer to decompose. Public reaction and sympathy have led to Government action and also the banning of single use plastic bottles at festivals and events.

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