These are the Red Kite Recruitment Guidelines for the UK COVID-19 outbreak 2020.  They take into account the latest advice from government and Public Health England which is available here:

This is a live document that is updated as government advice changes. It was last updated on 25th March 2020.

There are 2 important considerations at its core:

  1. It is vital that we do everything we can to limit the spread of the coronavirus. This is so we do not over-burden the NHS and importantly, so that we protect the most vulnerable in our society.
  2. It recognises that at this moment Key Worker Businesses, Critical Industries and Essential Work should go on, but that this should be in a compliant and risk-limited way. We all have a part to play in keeping UK PLC afloat at this challenging moment in our history.


Step 1 – First Stage Telephone Interviews

This is a good way to flesh out the experience you see on candidate CVs. You can also check key qualifications and get a feel for the candidate’s personality, telephone communication skills and motivators.

Please feel free to ask if you want any help putting together an effective telephone interview for your role, as we have plenty of experience in this area

Step 2 – Second Stage Video Interviews

Major names such as Amazon along with Veolia in the waste sector have switched the full recruitment process to video and phone wherever possible. This includes proceeding to offer using this methodology.

We recommend that during the coronavirus outbreak clients switch to this method of interview and selection to limit travel and human contact as per the latest government rulings.

There are a number of Apps that make video interviews in the digital age easy. Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Team Manager all being fit for purpose. They are easy to use and the links are here:

Step 3 – Final Face to Face Meeting – Only if 100% Necessary

Red Kite recommends that you run your entire recruitment process via telephone and video as this is the safest and most compliant way at this moment in time.

However if you feel you need to meet someone in the flesh before a job offer or to show them round a site, please follow the latest official guidelines.

The bullet points below have been formulated in line with the current government advice and represent our interpretation only.

Final decisions on how to approach any face to face interviews are down to each individual candidate and client:

  • Use Steps 1 and 2 to whittle your candidate pool down to your lead candidate. This should be the person you are confident you will job offer, subject to a satisfactory face to face meeting. You are therefore limiting both contact and travel to the bare minimum
  • It may be worth holding other strong candidates in reserve, in case the face to face does not go as planned
  • On the day of the interview both interviewee and interviewer must to do an honest self-appraisal in line with NHS guidelines – EG Do you (or any people you have had close and regular contact with over the last 7 days) have EITHER a high temperature OR a new, continuous cough
  • If the answer is yes you should postpone the interview and self-isolate. Use the 111 coronavirus service to find out what to do next:
  • Arrive early on interview day and ensure chairs are arranged 2m apart when conducting the interview
  • Wash hands and either provide sanitiser outside the interview room for the interviewee or politely ask them to wash hands on arrival
  • Provide tissues and a bin in the interview room for any coughs or sneezes, failing this cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Do not shake hands at the start or the end of the meeting. We know this goes against convention and may feel awkward – but it is the right thing to do
  • Politely ask the candidate to wash their hands when they leave and do the same yourself
  • If a site tour or visit is absolutely necessary we are sure you will have compliant site policies in place, however the latest guidance for business is available here The section on “Businesses and other Organisations” has some helpful advice around site cleaning and employee safety.

We hope the above helps with formulating your company recruitment policy in relation to the coronavirus outbreak

Best Regards

The Red Kite Recruitment Team